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Andrea K. Smith, Cleared ASL Interpreter: Watch video to see Andrea interpreting for President Obama Signing the 21st Century Communications & Video Accessibility Act, October 8, 2010

Communication is rapidly becoming a hot commodity in our ever-shrinking world. You may have found yourself in need of an American Sign Language interpreter to reach a larger audience or simply to interact with a colleague. I have been in private practice since 2000 and can provide sign language interpreting services in a variety of settings for a broad range of clients.

I am highly skilled in all aspects of interpreting between English and American Sign Language, Tactile sign, and SEE. My strengths include legal settings, platform work (with an emphasis on concerts and plays), heavy sign-to-voice work, and scientific/technical content. For more information and to view my resumé and interpreting certifications, please visit my online American Sign Language Interpreting portfolio.

Please note that I am temporarily unavailable for assignments. Please contact Mindy Lanie for your ASL Interpreting needs.


Resources for Sign Language Interpreters

I have authored several published articles and write a blog on various issues pertinent to practical sign language interpreting experiences. These articles and blog posts are meant to be a resource for sign language interpreters working in the field and for those individuals who may be considering pursuing sign language interpreting as a career. Comments and feedback are welcome. Please visit Blog & Publications to see the information I currently have published here on my website.