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These Hands Were Made For Talking

I think my job is pretty interesting. Strike that. My job is downright fascinating. At social gatherings, when everyone is sitting around doing their best impression of a coworker (who invariably resembles a character from the movie Office Space), I tend to be uncharacteristically quiet. You see, I'm self-employed. When my day sucks, it's my fault. The commute home, the long hours, the time spent smelling the armpit of the guy next to me on the subway is all my fault. Of course, I also don't have to beg for time off. When I hate the people I work with; I just don't go there anymore. And the money doesn't hurt either.

In case you're curious now, I'm an American Sign Language Interpreter. Yes, I talk with my hands for a living. Yes, you can make a living doing what I do and, no, I didn't get into it because someone in my family is deaf. There were a lot of reasons, but that wasn't one of them. I work in all kinds of environments and with all kinds of people. I get to learn about the world everyday in ways I never thought possible. All in all, I love my job and I consider myself one of the luckiest people in the world. To get up everyday excited about work (well....almost every day) is probably one of the best gifts a person could get in life.

Of course, there is more to me than just my job title. Since it's the most common way for people to get acquainted (sooo....what do you do? you know, for a living?) I thought I would start with it.

It's nice to meet you. Hope you enjoy what I have to say.....