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A New Adventure

I am about to begin my studies with the EUMASLI program next week.  This program, the European Masters in Sign Language Interpreting, brings participants from all over the world to pursue graduate studies in visual language interpreting.  It includes an overview of the languages used by the three partner universities (English, Finnish, German, and their corresponding sign languages) as well as International Sign Language.

I really can't tell you how excited I am for this opportunity.  I think the field of ASL interpreters has had too narrow a focus for too long.  Even worse, we have become complacent in our privilege.  We are floundering right now as we argue and struggle with our identity and what "Deaf heart" means in our practice, but we forget about the dozens of countries where we don't even exist!  We forget about the dozens more where interpreting is still in it's infancy.  And, while we may be only toddlers at this point, we still have an awful lot to share with our colleagues across the globe.

I will be spending my time developing relationships and finding the gems of knowledge I can incorporate in my practice from all of the people in the program, especially those from developing interpreting paradigms.  I hope that I will be able to advance their knowledge as well.

What part of our work do you think should be exported around the world?